Belmont County is the center of Eastern Ohio, sharing development in the Ohio River Valley with Pennsylvania and West Virginia. Situated in the Buckeye State’s Appalachian foothills, it is a key region of Ohio’s economic development. Built on abundant natural resources plus a strong workforce, industry and manufacturing, education and entrepreneurship continue to grow in asset-based development. Belmont County’s historically valuable geography makes this Ohio Gateway to the West  a diverse and rich business, social, and cultural hub bordering Southeastern  and Northeastern Ohio.

The  Community Improvement Corporation (CIC)
  is located in the Belmont County seat of  St.Clairsville, and is your prime point of contact for  regional economic development . We invite you to visit our Main Street office on the Historic National Road, as well as our website.

True to our traditions, resilience and flexibility, the web pages are in states of continual construction. Please browse the sites knowing you are a phone number away from a voice who will be very happy to talk to you about Belmont County. If what you see here talks to you, talk to us!

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