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As of 2014, all properties in the Fox Commerce Park (FCP ) have been sold. The CIC has completed all of the initial transactions and FCP businesses are now privately owned and operated. Anyone wishing to work with the businesses located at FCP will need to contact the business directly. Some of the original operations have changed and any lists here may not reflect recent activity.

Fox Commerce Park in Belmont County, Ohio is a "Blue Chip Business" location in the heart of America's great Ohio River Valley Basin. The $2.7 million dollar Fox Commerce Park is located a within minutes of I-70, the nation's premier east-west highway corridor and ten miles, from the Ohio River. It is a short drive to I-77 and I-79, major, north-south freeways. It has all the amenities of a modern, industrial/commercial park with a gently rolling landscape and heavy duty infrastructure.

The 125-acre tract is designed to accommodate customized tenant parcels from two to 30 acres. Approximately 90 acres remain available.Combinations of parcels are available to suit any building need. Infrastructure in place allows easy connections for water, sewer, natural gas, electricity and technology cable.

In addition, 32-foot-wide, gently curving roadways allow an ease of access for employees, suppliers, visitors and all vehicular service deliveries and shipments.A walking/exercise path around a pond/park area offer unique outdoor activity benefits. It blends well with business operations while adding a community component.

ACCESS TO ANYWHERE, I-70, one of the nation's 10 busiest interstates, has more that 60,000 vehicles per day pass by Fox Commerce Park. RESOURCES FOR ANY JOB

Fox Commerce Businesses as of December 2010, All addresses are  St. Clairsville,  OH 43950
FCP is now a private industrial site, subject to changes in businesses at any time.

1. Fed-Ex Freight East
67200 Executive Drive

2. Sew Biz
67075 Executive Drive

3. Ohio Heat Transfer
66721 Executive Drive

4. ResCare/Care  Properties
67051 Executive Drive

5. Mack’s Gypsum
66930 Pogue Road

6. Tim’s Custom Installation
66950 Pogue Road

7. i2i  Mobile Marketing
66900  Executive Drive

8. Tomorrow’s  Corner
66730 Pogue Road

9. Bill's Towing
Executive Drive

10. Chesapeake Energy
Executive Drive

11. ExOne
66850 Executive Drive

12. Extreme Contracting
Executive Drive (under construction)

13. Fasttracks Mobile Tire Repair
Pogue Road (under construction)

14. CeraLink, Inc.
66900 Executive Drive

15. Appalachian Energy Services
Executive Drive (under construction)

16. Stingray (Division of Gulfport)
Executive Drive

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